About us

REACOM GmbH was established in 2017  as new technology oriented company with the

aim – to serve long distance data transit. 

Our core network interconnect Europe with Asia.

In 2018 our network is already interconnecting:

– Europe: Frankfurt, Praha;

– CIS: Moscow, Kiev, Voronezh, Almaty, Astrakhan;

Asia:  – HongKong.

In 2019 network will interconnect:

– Europe: Frankfurt, Praha, Amsterdam, London, Warsaw, Berlin;

– CIS:  Moscow, Kiev, Voronezh, Almaty, Astana, Saratov, Astrakhan, Baku, Tbilisi;

– Asia – HongKong, Beijing.

In 2020 our network will start to combine terrestrial fiber with new Low Elliptical Orbit satellite technologies.


New Generation satellite Gateways will be installed over existing terrestrial fiber Network.

Synergy “over the fiber” and ”over the satellite” is appearing, and REACOM GmbH will take the lead.

Our focus is on customer needs, where it should be, to build  communication links.

But more importantly, to build relationships that provide our partners 
and customers with peace of mind, knowing that we’re a phone call away 
when we’re needed.