Build, sale, lease

If you’re looking for scalable bandwidth, cost-effective scaling and want to manage and control your network, then  Reacom’s extensive dark fiber network is the best solution for you.

You get fiber from us, then connect with your own network components where you’ll be able to maintain direct operational control of your network, while leveraging our long haul fiber network.

This solution is for you if:

*need dedicated, secure data transmission between offices
*need scalable acyclic bandwidth
*want to split bandwidth on your own decision or between your customers
*want to use/build your own L2 / L3 network topology without operator adjustments

We provide dark fiber optics for your highest demands.

Factors we provide to our customers: security, accessibility, best location,  and justified cost.

The REACOM Promise:

Build and grow with us!

Dark Fiber Lease   – agreements are usually divided into monthly or annual payments, which allow the end user to have control over the fiber network for the length of the lease agreement.
Dark Fiber IRU (Indefeasible right of use) –  the most common financing option. The lessee signs a binding contract granting them rights to a fiber network for a set amount of time — usually 10 years.

Countries for this service:
Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

Dark Fiber Service
Availability. Interoperability. Support. Quality. Warranty. Value.