Network monitoring

DWDM monitoring.
We have created a special software application that provides long distance heterogeneous dwdm network monitoring based on open code. This portal is already in use for our existing customers.

  • Non-intrusive monitoring independent from user traffic. Compatible with any data protocol as well as multi-wavelength systems.
  • Fast detection of fiber plant issues versus equipment failures. Localize failures and shorten repair cycles.
  • Fiber degradation detection. Initiate action before services are affected.
  • Active component at central office/data center/hub locations.
  • Up to 1km fault detection accuracy.

The portal for our customers and partners  is created to monitor:

  • DWDM nodes
  • Fiber integrity
  • Signal level
  • Bandwidth. Upload/download level
  • Network architecture
  • Redundancy

You are always up to date concerning the status of your network.
Additional service, to monitor and troubleshoot internal customer network (if customer may need) is available.

Outsourced 24×7.

Please contact our sales group to ask any above you may need.