The Internet of things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines
provided with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction

IoT is the most popular trend the World is speaking about the last years.

REACOM studied all possible wireless technologies which can may be used. REACOM has compared several technologies as ZigBee, Nb-IOT, SigFox, and LoRaWAN as to name only a view. As a results, we decided mid of 2018 to invest into LoRaWAN.

As LoRaWAN is the mostly open architecture (thanks to Semtech) using ISM radio bands (thanks to ITU), this technology is already approved by many international companies, which joined to LoRa Alliance thereafter.

REACOM did join the LoRa Alliance in 2020.

1) We invested in IOT development, selected several OEM’s of LoRaWAN Gateways and deployed several successful LoRaWAN projects in Ukraine (Agriculture and City Infrastructure) where our IOT related R&D is located;

2) we are planning to invest into other former CIS countries starting 2021;

3) we adapted open source software (network server and application servers) that help us to roll out big LoRaWAN network (thousands of gateways serving hundreds of thousands of devices, which will be connected to REACOM’s own mesh architecture);

4) our own developed products include:

Sensors for new applications will be available shortly and also available for purchase through our website


Agriculture Sensor RSMT3L
RSMT3L is a humidity and temperature sensor developed for agriculture, that able to measure: • soil moisture at... Read more
Water Valve
RSWV1 is a motorized smart water valve designed for remote control of water supply • Open/close the water... Read more
DIY board
DIY Board allow the developers to construct their own LoRaWAN endnodes. DIY Board based on universal MCU. Board... Read more
Intrusion Sensor RPS1M
Intrusion Sensor - RPS1M can be used to detect whether a door, window, gate, hatch or any another premises is opened or... Read more

Bring IoT to your business. The internet of things is enabling a huge shift in the way we approach life, reinventing the processes of practically every task we fulfil or every service we touch. For businesses, it’s all about securing greater profit, control manufactories and spread business all over the world.

Software to run LoRaWAN Networks

With REACOM adopted set of software including Network Server and Application Server, the maintenance, troubleshooting and monitoring of Gateways and customer’s endnode devices is simple to serve LoRaWAN networks covering National Territories.

This software is an open source product (under the MIT license), that was improved by REACOM.